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Orange and White Time | 100 Flat White Simple Style | With a 1.8-meter washbasin and stunning linear

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Interior Decoration Design (Floor Plan Layout, Renderings, Construction Drawings)

Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Project Completed
Project Location: Changsha, Hunan, China, East Asia
Project Location: China Hunan
Style: Modernism Style
Grade of Decoration: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
The color of this case is mainly white, and the local embellishment color increases the liveliness of the space. The original apartment has a small three-bedroom layout, and a family of three lives. The male owner is a real estate industry executive, and the female owner is a freelancer. They hope to have sufficient storage space, the space form is free to stretch, and it is quiet in terms of color tone. After work, take off your tired body and enjoy the wonderful experience brought by this home
Interior Renderings
Entrance The linear lights used in the aisle are bright and soft, the extension of the lines will make the aisle deep, and the space will be more open and layered, so that the owner can feel a strong sense of ceremony when he goes home.
Dining room Open up the kitchen and dining room and push down the north balcony of the original dining room. It is spacious and considers that you can interact with your family and children in time when you are working hard in the kitchen. The extended work surface can function as a western kitchen. Juice and soy milk are made in this area.
living room The entire space is decorated with white, quiet, walls and ceilings with pure white tones, and several pieces of furniture are quietly in their most suitable positions and states, so that the pure atmosphere can better express the tension of the space. The black translucent glass door on the background of the TV reveals the light, and the atmosphere is very good.
kitchen The kitchen renovation is one of the most important areas of the project. First, the so-called "formalism" is abandoned. The cabinet shape is very simple. The walls and cabinets are dominated by white, and the white of different materials is used to reflect the texture of the space. Open The dining and kitchen space has become the most attractive place in the entire residence. The flexible walking lines and operation space make the homeowners more passionate about cooking and exquisite l
bathroom The original bathroom had poor lighting. After the walls were removed and re-planned, the lighting in the corridor and bathroom was improved. At the same time, the 100-square-meter house had a 1.8-meter washbasin, an extended marble countertop, and the items were not crowded. Storage cabinets under the basin , to meet the bathroom storage function. Cantilever design is hygienic and easy to maintain.
bathroom Entering the bedroom, the gray-tone background is matched with soft furnishings to achieve a balance between cold and warm, making people in it feel relaxed and comfortable.
study In the limited space to create an area for office and games, the space is still based on white, and the texture is reflected through different materials.
corridor Entrance hallway|In the time of conception, the whole experiment was done by subtraction, highlighting people's senses and experience as the main body of the space, rather than excessive modeling decoration or unnecessary furniture. As much as possible, the "beauty of form" is composed of geometric shapes, and new spaces are composed of vertical and horizontal lines.
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