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Mingxin Yunlong House
Project Name: Mingxin Yunlong House
Design Service Provider: DREAM DESIGN MASTER
Design Service Type: Landscape Design (Floor Plan, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Project Type: Resort Hotel
Project Status: Project Completed
Project Location: China Sichuan Chengdu, Sichuan, China, East Asia
Style: Traditional Chinese Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
Project Name: Mingxin Yunlong Mansion Owner: Mingxin Group Landscape area: 1788 square meters Project address: Chengdu Longquanyi Landscape Design: Dreaming of the Future - DDM Chief Designer: Yang Fei Chief Landscape Engineer: Zhang Xiaolin Project Manager: Yang Zhonghong Design team: Gao Lisheng (main creator), Rao Yuanteng, Zhang Huangjian, Xu Yuchao, Tao Lixia Construction drawing design team: Zhang Xiaolin, Zhang Guimao, He Tao, Ou Qian, Yu Heng, Peng Xiang, Jia Mengting
Project Aerial View
The landscape elements are extracted from the building facade to create an "artistic quality life between landscapes". Taking landscapes as the keynote, through the travel and return from the entrance of the exhibition area to the model room, the landscapes are miniaturized in the landscape, creating an artistic sense of landscape space. with naturalness. Create a poetic lifestyle and return to the most essential state of life.
The entrance design of the demonstration area has oriental aesthetic connotations. Combined with the architectural form of the sales department, the mountain-shaped landscape wall and the stacked water surface are designed as an open entrance space, showing the beauty of scattered and progressive levels.
The welcoming pine tree, the gurgling spring, and the combination of quietness and movement draw people into it. Entering Mingxin Yunlong Mansion, the clean and concise entrance facade, combined with hard landscape point planting and selected pine decorations, create a modern, bright and beautiful landscape atmosphere.
Walk out of the sales department, enter the backyard landscape, and walk into the winding path leading to the secluded landscape. Lighting is hidden in the opposite wall, highlighting the details and the sense of volume. The scattered green space with stacked water combined with the mirror water feature creates a smart and leisurely quiet home space.
"Dream through the mountains and rivers, return to the elegant fragrance in the clouds" walks from the trail into the corridor, which is the most poetic space in the demonstration area. The breeze is gentle, and the corridor slowly enters, a poetic space accompanied by pine and stone and the changing seasons emerges. Stones are placed in the courtyard, and Jinsong strolls elegantly in it, as if swimming in the middle of a painting.
The corridors are simple but full of details. The intention can be seen in the combination of materials of different textures, colors and volumes, which constantly brings surprises along the way.
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