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Luxury Villa Courtyard Landscape Design
Project Name: Luxury Villa Courtyard Landscape Design
Design Service Provider: Budi Santoso
Design Service Type: Landscape Design (Floor Plan, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Project Type: Villa Courtyard
Project Status: Project Completed
Project Location: Indonesia Central Java Yantai, Central Java, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Style: Modern Style
Project Grade: Luxury (4Star-level)
Project Background
Luxury villa courtyard landscape design projects need to take into account the aesthetic needs of the client as well as the client's budget
Project Aerial View
Landscape design can bring new visual enjoyment to customers, and in terms of colorfulness can complement the lack of various colors, making the design more harmonious
This villa is designed in an environment surrounded by greenery, with pleasant scenery, clear structure and vivid colors, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable housing experience
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