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Guangzhou Merrill Lake Residential Architecture Design
Project Name: Guangzhou Merrill Lake Residential Architecture Design
Design Service Provider: Chongqing Linli Architectural Design Co.
Design Service Type: Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)
Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Project Completed
Building Height: ≤ 100M
Building Structure: Frame-SRCW Structure
Project Location: China Guangdong Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, East Asia
Style: European Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
Merrill Lake as a whole covers an area of 27,500 mu, relying on 30,000 mu of native mountain forests and 8,000 mu of natural lakes, with rich natural resources, excellent air quality and a comfortable and pleasant environment. This case shows the residential design of Lot L.
Project Aerial View
Architectural Renderings(Drawing/Photo)
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