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Laboratory for Diverse Status

Laboratory for Diverse Status

Office Location: Beijing City, Beijing, China, East Asia China Beijing
Team Size: 10-50 People
Year of Registration: 2017
Annual Revenue: US$1 Million-US$2 Million

YangQing Art Center

Design Service Type:

Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)

Project Type: Other Performing Arts Building
Project Status: Under Construction
Building Height: ≤ 100M
Building Structure: Frame-SRCW Structure
Project Location: Beijing City, Beijing, China, East Asia
Project Location: China Beijing
Style: Modernism Style
Project Background
Project Aerial View
Prajna is wisdom, the true nature of reality. The method to reach this status is to convert the subject into the object and to contemplate through three stages: body, mind (ideology), and emotion. The building is located at the outskirt of Beijing City, surrounded by mountains. In the great natural environment, the architecture is set to be merged into nature.
The building is located under the surface of landscape with the advantage of incline landform. The whole experience of space inside is designed to create self-consciousness for visitors to self-listening, cultivation of sentiment, and finally appreciating the true nature and arts. Perceiving is a process of awareness of the reality. The maneuver experiences inside helps to perceiving the nature in a deeper perspective.
The sequence of space gradually isolates the obstacles outside the world divided into three different zones: viewing firmament, earth, and the world. In order to approach the awareness, these spaces are designed with different ambient conditions such as lighting, temperature, acoustic, and scent. The experience helps visitors at the end reach to their own prajna.
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