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Diaspora University Landscape Design

Design Service Type:

Landscape Design(Floor Plan, Renderings, Construction Drawings)

Project Type: School
Project Status: Unimplemented
Project Location: Taita Taveta, Taita Taveta, Kenya, East Africa
Project Location: Kenya Taita Taveta
Style: Natural Style
Project Grade: Simple (2Star-level)
Project Background
The project has not yet been developed. A contractor is yet to be identified to carry out the work. The land is still bare as evidenced by the photo.
Project Aerial View
Landscaping for Diapora University town which is a non profit private university for higher learning. It is set to accommodate 15,000 students in a well planned town that will progressively grow to 45,000 residents on a 1,500 acres piece of land. The plan explores the natural environment and the available resources that potentially benefit the development of the proposed project.
This is an Industrial Park which is part of the Diaspora.
This is a photo of a 3D image showing how the area where the building occupies has been landscaped.
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