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Latest TRIO TOWERS Commercial Complex
Project Name: Latest TRIO TOWERS Commercial Complex
Design Service Provider: ENGINEERING HOUSE ( ehaf egypt )
Design Service Type: Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)
Project Type: Commercial Complex
Project Status: Project Completed
Building Height: ≤ 100M
Building Structure: Brick Concrete Structure
Project Location: Egypt Kafr el-Sheikh addis ababa, Kafr el-Sheikh, Egypt, North Africa
Style: Post-modernism Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
Commercial complex need to take into account various factors, such as wind, dust and seismic performance, as well as the shape to meet the aesthetic needs of customers, in line with aesthetic principles
2D/3D Drawings
The designer offers unique exterior designs with 3D architectural animation. Our experts consider all the components of outer space and work out what would make it's exterior attractive and durable according to natural geometry.
Architectural Renderings(Drawing/Photo)
We believe exterior features should be harmonious with the interior design. We are serving high-quality services backed with authentic architectural styles.
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