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Deep White Design | Resetting the spatial order, gray tone and light and shadow construct the tone o
Project Name: Deep White Design | Resetting the spatial order, gray tone and light and shadow construct the tone o
Design Service Provider: DW INRERIOR DESIGN
Design Service Type: Interior Decoration Design (Floor Plan Layout, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Project Completed
Project Location: China Tianjin Tianjin, China, East Asia
Style: Northern European Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
The owner of this case studied and lived overseas for many years before returning to China, soaked in Chinese and Western cultures, and has a unique interest and perspective on design and art. And this 260-square-meter large-sized flat floor located in the central area of Tianjin City, as the future home of their family of four, entrusted us to re-plan and design for them.
Interior Renderings
Entrance When entering the home, the natural black marble slab is used as the space background, and the decorative paintings with vivid lines and colors and sofa chairs are used as the visual focus. The contrast of materials and colors highlights the temperament and high-grade texture of the entire space. At the same time, it also takes into account the functional design. The card seat on the right hand side is convenient to sit down and change clothes and shoes. Starting from the porch, create
living room The gray tone + wood color living area, carpet and sofa combination bring a quiet and calm feeling. The gray texture paint on the background wall and the large white wall accurately distinguish the proportion of the space. The color block combination guides the visual orientation, highlights the clean and comfortable temperament of the sofa leisure area, and reshapes the spatial hierarchy and relationship.
Dining room The glass sliding door design makes it more flexible to open and close the kitchen. The use of glass sliding doors to maximize the space vision, one opening and one closing, the connection between the kitchen space and the dining room can be freely changed. The black and white cabinets come from custom installation. According to the owner's kitchenware storage needs and electrical equipment, the internal partitions and sizes of each small cabinet are designed
Dining room Combined with the design of the dining bar, the restaurant uses the delicate texture of the gray texture paint wall and wood veneer, and arranges the primary and secondary levels with the help of light and shade conversion under the transformation of light and shadow. The dining table is the center of this area. The dining bar, wine cabinet, and TV and fireplace that are opposite to the dining table
study The male owner's independent study, the whole large bookcase combined with the desk is very comfortable to use. Because there are children at home, in order to ensure that Dad will not be disturbed when he is working, we put it in the study room away from the bedroom, separated from the living room, and soundproofed to prevent interruptions. The open bookcases store books on top, and drawers below store office supplies in the study.
children's room The children's room is designed with bunk beds, and there are two lovely boys at home. Textured pine green is used as the main color of the whole space, and the area by the window is used as a children's toy area and activity area. The small steps of the bed serve as hidden drawers to solve some storage functions. The elements here are very tough and sporty because it is a boy's room. The male owner said, "The good habit of loving sports should be cultivated in children from an e
bedroom Bright and comfortable gray space, spacious, transparent and very gentle. The bay window of the master bedroom is a renovated balcony. After being incorporated into the room, the whole space is very spacious. The background wall of the master bedroom is made of custom wall panels. The pure white part is combined with hidden light strips, which looks very layered. The dark bedding and rug combine with the white top frame for a visually harmonious aesthetic. The master bedroom here is not
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