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mivida,new cairo
Project Name: mivida,new cairo
Design Service Provider: Lamia mohamed
Design Service Type: Interior Decoration Design (Floor Plan Layout, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Project Completed
Project Location: Egypt Cairo New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, North Africa
Style: Modernism Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
its a villa for new couples, from common friends they heart about me they wanted a light house with a very modern furniture pieces they care about the artistic style in thier house, done have kids we start talking about what they need and also about the color palette mood they like and then we start working on the 3d modiling till they approved the design
Project Concept
concept comes from naturally , how much details but in a very calm way very light colors we care about the natully lighting
Project Highlights
material mixed walnut wood with marble and concrette which is all natural matterials , and green areas with sunlights was the main foucs
Floor Plan
A straight line in geometry is a line that connects two points in a plane and extends to infinity in both directions. It is considered one- ...
Interior Renderings
an interior design style characterized by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural ligh
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