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Nanjing Jinghe Garden Landscape Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Jinghe Garden Landscape Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Office Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, East Asia China Jiangsu
Team Size: 10-50 People
Year of Registration: 2021
Annual Revenue: Below US$1 Million
Likes for Design Service: Likes

Design Service Type

Design Service Type: Landscape Design (Floor Plan, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Acceptable Price:
USD 21-50/㎡
Design Certificate:
Specialized Project:
Resort Hotel , Homestay Hotel , Business Hotel , Restaurant Club , Villa Courtyard , Apartment Garden , Government Office Building , Commercial Building , Commercial District Landscape , Municipal Landscape , City Square / City Plaza , Exhibition Hall , Scenic Spot , Waterfront Landscape , Rural Landscape , Industrial District Landscape
Service Area:
Provide services for 1 Countries/Regions

Company Profile

Nanjing Jinghe Landscape Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinghe) was established in Nanjing in 2011. It is a professional, young and energetic landscape design team. Jinghe brings together top-level landscape design and planning forces. After several years of tempering, Jinghe has meticulous and thoughtful service awareness, industry-leading depth of drawings, overall design methods throughout the whole process, thinking habits of cost control, and excellent construction process. Control is the core competitiveness of the enterprise and has been well received by the client. Especially through the sincere cooperation with large real estate companies such as Greenland, it has formed its own characteristics in the series of landscape design processes, including plan to expansion, construction drawings and construction supervision. It is a trustworthy partner and consultant of the client.
Jinghe's landscape design covers urban squares, green spaces, roads, apartments, villas, businesses, offices, riverfronts, parks, campuses, factories and mines, sports centers, etc. The business runs through the whole process of pre-planning, conceptual design, scheme design, expansion design, construction drawing design, and engineering acceptance. Jinghe's structure and operating procedures are distinctive in the landscape industry and are highly praised by clients. It not only has the strengths of the concept design of well-known foreign companies, but also reflects the details of the service work of local excellent companies. Each design includes a full service from conceptual design, preliminary design to construction design and landscape implementation supervision and management.
Jinghe takes "integrity, innovation, win-win, and enterprising" as its corporate philosophy, and regards "persistence, dedication, meticulousness, quality, and perfection" as its self-requirement. Make architectural planning and landscape design more artistic and tasteful. Since its establishment, Jinghe has completed every task entrusted by customers seriously, and has been highly recognized and praised.
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